Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 Largest Auto Recalls

1. Ford (fire hazard, 2008, 14.1M)

2. Ford (ignition, 1996, 7.9M)

3. GM (engine mounts, 1971, 6.7M)

4. GM (suspension, 1981, 5.8M)

5. Toyota (accelerator, 2009, 5.3M)

(x = 500k vehicles; source)

This isn't to discount the seriousness of Toyota's recall, or to excuse their sloth/evasiveness. Still, I wish the media (and now the US Government) would do a better job contextualizing this recall (especially since the Government now has a stake in GM).

UPDATED: I moved Toyota up to spot #5 after their latest expanded recall...stop the bleeding! =/

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