Thursday, February 14, 2008

Score! Chrono Cross on PSP Slim!


I was finally successful in getting a fully-functional version of one of the best PSX games ever on my PSP slim. Since CC is a 2-disc game, and since, unlike most, it doesn't allow you to save before asking you to change discs, it has a history of being problematic for the PSP's PSX emulator. The solution, after much internet research, was two-fold:

  1. Install popsloader, a custom firmware plug-in that allows you to specify which version of the PSX emulator you want to run with a given game (useful because some games respond better to certain emulators...e.g., CC likes 2.72, whereas Final Fantasy VII prefers 3.71)
  2. Create a multidisc eboot (using popstation_md) with the appropriate PSX ID.

It really wasn't as hard or as scary as much of the online commentary made it out to be, but the full instructions were scattered over several different sites, so it took some digging (of course, this solution appears to require CFW 3.71-4 M33). So, we know what I'll be working on in my spare time for a while...

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